She’s short, I’m tall, and, as some short people do when they talk to tall people, she got toe-to-toe when she shouted up at me: “Do you have a Higher Power? You need a Higher Power. Who’s your Higher Power?”

“Well,” I said, “Looks like she’s talking to me right now.”

From the hundreds of meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous that I have attended during the past ten years, I get much: support, mostly — for which I am deeply grateful — a few scares, hidden wells of insight.

But also, I get religion, a lot of religion.

I get religion there that I ought not be presented with, according to the organization’s own lights. And I get religion that’s smuggled in, despite claims otherwise. AA asserts, over and again, that it “is not a religious society.” But over and again, I’ve also encountered the religion that is AA. …


Bill St John

colorado boy, writes and teaches about food & cooking, talks a lot

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